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Pricing for this service

  • Fees charged only on monies collected.
  • Debts under 1 year old – 20% on Canadian funds, 25% on US funds. Debts over 1 year old (any currency) and all debts under $500.00 – 35%
  • Collections for insolvent corporations – 40%
  • Industry specific trade associations and organizations wishing to discuss a strategic partnership are encouraged to contact Client Services at (800) 561-8921 ext. 239.
  • Fees are subject to taxes as required by the tax authorities of the creditor and /or debtor.


Terms & Conditions



1) All claims submitted to ACA verbally, in writing, or by email are subject to the same terms and conditions. It is the client’s responsibility to read and understand the applicable terms and conditions.

2) All claims are placed for a minimum fixed period of 180 days. After the initial 180 day period, the client may request cancellation of the claim by providing written notice. The file will be closed 90 days from the date of that notice. All monies collected are subject to ACA’s Regular Commission Rates.

3a) All monies will be held In Trust for a minimum of 30 days, and the client authorizes ACA to endorse cheques (or any other negotiable instruments) for deposit into said Trust Account(s).

3b) ACA reserves the right to hold monies in Trust until all amounts owed by the debtor are paid in full.

4) Should the client withdraw a file prior to the end of the fixed period described in “2)” above, it is agreed that ACA will be compensated for all work performed on said file. If it is later determined that the client received payment, those monies are subject to the full commission rate.

5) Collections include all payments received by ACA or their representatives, the client or their representatives, any credits issued or agreed to by the client and the debtor and any contra transactions between the client and the debtor.

6) The client shall advise ACA immediately of any collections as described in “5)” above, or any other amounts resulting in the reduction of this debt. Failure to do so may result in ACA charging the full fee on the amount placed.

7) Any amounts, with respect to any claim placed with ACA, paid to a party other than ACA, its Legal counsel, the client or in some cases the client’s client, will be subject to Regular Commission Rates.

8) If it is determined that a claim placed with ACA is incorrect due to prior payments, returned merchandise or any credit notes not posted, these amounts will be subject to Regular Commission Rates.

9) At the discretion of ACA, a Legal Demand Letter may be sent to the debtor on the client’s behalf, by attorneys designated by ACA.

10) ACA reserves the right to charge for preparatory work prior to a file being handed to an attorney for litigation or to another collection agency.
This will apply whether or not the attorney has been engaged by ACA or by the client. If the client engages its' own attorney then regular ACA rates still apply.

11) Claims previously placed with another collection agency (or attorney), will be considered reassigned, and commissionable at a rate of 50% of the amount collected.

12) Should a debtor become insolvent at any time and issue a dividend at a later date, ACA will be entitled to charge its regular commission rate. ACA will follow up on claims with the Trustee in order to monitor any dividend.

13) Should a client become insolvent with active collection files at ACA, and those files are removed from ACA's portfolio at the request of the Receiver, Trustee, Monitor or any other party, ACA will be entitled to charge and be paid reasonable fees for services previously rendered on those files.

14) The debtor may be charged collection fees and/or interest accrued from the due date of the debt in question, and at the allowable interest rate of the province or state in which the debtor receives mail, and as contracted. These monies may be waived, retained by ACA to offset expenses incurred, or remitted to the client, at ACA’s discretion.

15) Should ACA's client reject a bona fide settlement offer which ACA recommended acceptance, and then settle (at a later date) for that amount or less, ACA reserves the right to charge the client the full commission on the rejected settlement amount.

16) ACA reserves the right to recover from the client, all (or a portion of) bank charges levied against ACA due to NSF activity stemming from an individual debtor; courier costs and/or investigation charges (including but not limited to skip trace, bank reports, corporation details).

17) Any changes to these terms and conditions must be completed in writing, and agreed to by all parties.

18) ACA, at its sole discretion, may choose to offset funds due to ACA, by an ACA client, against amounts due to that ACA client from ACA.

19) If a portion of a file is collected and a balance remains and the creditor cancels ACA's collection activity, ACA shall be entitled to charge its fees on the balance that has not been collected.

20) Funds collected by the client, as set out, but not limited to, those indicated in article 5) shall be subject to fees as indicated in the section "PRICING FOR THIS SERVICE". These fees shall be invoiced to the client and are due and payable on a "net" basis upon receipt of the invoice.

21) Funds collected by ACA shall be deposited in ACA's bank account. Amounts will be remitted to the client, less fees as indicated in the section "PRICING FOR THIS SERVICE". Funds will be held for 30 days prior to any remittance.

22) The Client authorizes ACA to manage the file and sign all documents necessary, the client agrees to file or allow ACA to file a proof of claim if the debtor of the client becomes insolvent, the client authorizes ACA to become the proxy for the client if the debtor of the client becomes insolvent. The client agrees that ACA may settle the file without the approval or consent of the client for the amount of 75% or more of the amount claimed.

23) The Client agrees that should he receive reimbursement from an insurance company that the Client will advise the insurance company that ACA had been mandated to collect the file.

24) The parties acknowledge that they have required that this Agreement and all related documents be drawn up in English.
Les parties reconnaissent avoir exige que la presente convention et tous les documents connexes soient rediges en anglais.


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